Authentic Digital Marketing Strategy

Clickify Creates Memorable Brand Stories Through Easy And Effective Digital Marketing Strategies.

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Humans are hardwired for narrative. Not only do we think in stories, but more importantly, it’s how we remember things. Tell a good story and you’ve got yourself an audience.

Enter innovative digital marketing strategy. Clickify crafts authentic pieces of content that combine to tell the compelling story of your brand and resonate with your audience, making a lasting impact. We tell a brand story that people listen to.

The Clickify Approach

At Clickify our customer-centric focus drives us towards solutions that succeed.

Our integrated approach to planning is the key to the long-term success of your business. Consistency creates trust and loyalty in your consumer base, which is why we develop brand, web, and communications strategies in unison.

We also apply metrics to help us understand your market, identify potential gaps and create opportunities. This approach truly tailors a content strategy to your needs.

Our team develops savvy digital marketing strategies, combining:

  1. Digital Marketing Analytics
  2. Content Development
  3. Email Marketing and Automation
  4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  5. Paid Search Marketing (PPC)
  6. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Clickify Cut Through The Noise To Attract Your Audience

Many businesses make the mistake of not implementing a smart communication strategy, which can either damage the brand or ghost it altogether.

A great digital marketing strategy is more than just a playbook of ideas; it should be an evolving process that guides you towards achieving your business goals and connecting your brand with customers.

Clickify Digital Marketing Strategy Services

Do you know what your business is doing right and where you’re missing out? At Clickify, we work closely with you to identify your goals and discover the best possible way to get you found online.

Requirements Analysis and Project Scoping

The first step in creating a brand strategy is understanding your business, its objectives, and the market landscape through digital marketing analytics. This helps us to expand on what you are already doing well and recommended advancements.

We conduct a thorough Requirements Analysis to gauge what you need before creating a scope for your project, beginning with an audit of your website and how it affects your sales funnel. We’ll ask questions about your business, and your competitors, as well as your existing digital content strategy.

This will allow us to build out an actionable website strategy that will be purposeful and effective, improving conversions and ROI.

Creative Strategy

We believe in the power of storytelling as a creative strategy.

We tell stories to help people understand your brand and convey your business. We create content that sells your company on a visual, textual, and social level, building brand authority and developing relationships with your customers. Our copywriting team has a proven track record of writing search engine optimised copy, including website copy, landing pages, blogs, ad copy, social media posts, and email marketing.

Market Research and Persona Development

Knowing your customer is not enough, you have to anticipate their wants, speak directly to their problems and present your solution. Our market research analysis and persona development answer demographic questions, such as who buys your product and/or service, their age, disposable income, and environment.

Also, a consistent brand persona is mandatory. Clickify can create an image for your business that resonates with customers and makes them want to buy from you. This means creating a logo, website design, social media profiles, and digital content marketing strategies.

Competitor Analysis

Competitive market analysis is an important part of your online brand strategy and the best way to compare the performance of your website against other websites in your industry. By understanding your competitors, you can create a unique selling proposition setting you apart from the competition.

Clickify can assess your performance against competitors in terms of traffic sources, bounce rates, sales conversions, and conversion rates. This data will give you valuable customer insights into how well you stack up against other sites in terms of user experience, conversion rates, traffic sources, and more.

Create A Strong Digital Presence

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends so that you can grow your business and succeed online.

Putting a communication strategy in place allows you to make the most out of your online presence without wasting money or time. The stronger your digital marketing strategy, the more likely you are to win over potential customers and create dedicated brand ambassadors.


Use our leading digital marketing strategy service to unlock the potential of your brand.