Advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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The world spends an average of six hours and 41 minutes online every day. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are the primary means of people finding products, services, and websites organically. That’s why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is critical to sustaining and growing any business.

Why Optimise Your Website?

Information architecture helps people find what they need on your website – but more importantly, it helps them find it quickly.

If you build the right SEO foundations such as link building, on-page optimised content, rich snippets, targeted keywords, meta descriptions, and mobile compatibility, this gives you the best chance of improving your search results and making sure your business gets found online.

If you already have a fantastic-looking website, we can undertake an extensive SEO audit to help improve its search engine rankings, page speed, and overall website performance. And, if you need a website, Clickify applies advanced technical SEO strategies as part of your new website build.

Clickify SEO Services

If you want to improve your click rate, Clickify understands the nuances of professional SEO. We are driven to maximise your website’s potential in line with current search engine requirements.

Free SEO Site Audit

The perfect place to start is with Clickify’s free SEO audit of your website. Our SEO analysis will understand where your site currently stands, check for any potential SEO issues, and detail what needs to be improved.

Enter your domain and email address below to download your free website audit report:

Keyword Research, Mapping, and Opportunity Analysis

Our SEO specialists have years of experience with software development, design, and best practices to ensure your web content is found by your customers. Keyword research identifies organic search terms your demographic uses to find your goods and services. We also conduct mapping and opportunity analyses to inform future content creation or make changes to the existing text for relevance.

Keyword Strategy

Our keyword strategy ensures that your current and future digital marketing is laser-focused on the keywords most likely to drive traffic to your site. Our comprehensive keyword groupings allow you to prioritise your marketing campaigns with ease, capitalising on areas of success.

Optimised Website Content

We have a skilled team of SEO copywriters who revel in creating exceptional SEO content. Whether it’s a landing page, a blog, Google ads, or website copy, they subtly embed carefully crafted SEO so your content reads like a dream and can also seen.

Our local Melburne SEO agency does not practice ‘black hat’ tactics. All our SEO services focus on creating user-centric solutions that help your site rank as high as possible on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP.)

Reach Measure Grow

SEO is essential if you want to become the brand authority and help reach, measure, and grow your small business or large enterprise. Clickify can give your website every opportunity it deserves by investing in superior Search Engine Optimisation. We even talk about it off the clock! SEO is oxygen to us.


SEO is essential if you want to have any pull in the online space. Let our team of expertsboost your website's visibility in Search Engines like Google today.