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Build Brand Loyalty Through Authority

Digital Marketing

Content defines your brand. Having an insightful, valuable content plan can engage customers for life and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Content Marketing is different from traditional marketing because it’s not about aggressive sales or lead generation. Instead, it aims to help customers find solutions to problems through informative and entertaining content that keeps them returning to your business constantly. This kind of brand loyalty is the best word of mouth for your business that can last a lifetime.

Clickify is a digital marketing agency based along Australia’s east coast (Melbourne, Gold Coast) that creates superior content for all digital mediums; from blog posts and feature articles to website copywriting and social media content creation. We deliver content that cuts through the clutter and starts the conversation with your customer.

Clickify Content Marketing Services

We meet your customers where they are and deliver content and SEO copywriting that speaks to them. We start a conversation your customers want to continue.

Content Strategy Development

Customers are voracious for valuable content. Every day people watch one billion hours of YouTube.

However, producing catchy content strategy is more than just sharing information about your company. A superior content marketing strategy is about positioning your brand voice as an industry thought leader, supplying useful content that is shareable, as well as adding value for your existing customers.

Content Creation

Quality always wins.

Our content marketing team is experienced in creating engaging, informative, SEO content for blog writing, social media posts, and eBooks. And according to Think With Google, video marketing receives the highest ROI so incorporating video into your content marketing is one of the best ways to engage your audience.

Content Distribution

Now that you’re surrounded by incredible content, where does it go? Instagram? Your blog? Do you create an email marketing campaign?

Clickify knows exactly where to distribute your content for maximum impact. We’ll identify the best channels and platforms for each piece of content and then manage those channels so you don’t have to. That way, you can focus on the priorities within your business.

Content Performance Analysis

It’s no secret, we love using metrics to analyse the way your content is performing. With the power of data, we can see who your content is reaching, how they are responding to it, and how much money it is making for you.

We compile the most important data points from your content marketing efforts and make sure you continue an effective strategy. You’re probably familiar with some metrics, such as Likes, Views, and Shares, we also look at Subscription Rates, Click-Through Rates (CTR), and Costs Per Lead (CPL.) This allows us to refocus on your gains and maximise your traction.

Clickify Speaks Your Language

Crafted exposure for your brand voice or business will help you establish a strong presence. A tailored content marketing strategy is one of the best ways for businesses to differentiate their brand in the competitive world of digital marketing and eCommerce.

It’s paramount to have an innovative and engaging content strategy that provides value and builds trust for the lifecycle of your brand. Clickify can create a multi-channel strategy that speaks to your target market so they become invaluable word of mouth.


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