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The Good Dentist

TGD Case Study
The Good Dentist - Front Desk


The Good Dentist is an expert Dental Clinic in Newcastle, NSW, with a world-class team of practitioners who excel at all aspects of dentistry and oral hygiene.

Their customer focus ensures patients feel comfortable and relaxed in an environment that has historically induced anxiety.

Garreth McBride, Principal Dentist, and owner of The Good Dentist was failing to see a positive Return On Investment (ROI) with their previous agency and was seeking expert digital marketing support to attract more patients.

Referral came by way of a staff member who worked with Clickify previously in a Melbourne dental clinic.


  1. Develop a clear offer on the website expressing who we are and what we do
  2. Ensure all platforms (website, social media, email, blog) are cohesive and compelling
  3. Education readily available for current and prospective patients
  4. Rank for relevant search terms in Google
  5. Attract more patients to the clinic


In July 2021, Clickify prepared an initial digital marketing audit to identify the opportunities for The Good Dentist to grow online. We then commenced a digital marketing project focussing on:

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  5. Email Marketing (eDM)


Comparing the first 60 days Clickify commended the project (2021) to same period in 2022:

  • There has been a 30% Increase in Google Visibility/Google Organic Impressions
  • 33% increase in Website Visitors
  • 20% additional visitors from Paid Ads
30 Percentage
33 Percentage
20 Percentage

Google ranking now, compared to when the project commenced:

  • Now ranking Number 1 in Google Search Results for 37 targeted keywords (compared to 4 initially)
  • Now ranking on First Page in Google Search Results for 122 targeted keywords (compared to 29 initially)
  • 14% increase in Views of local listing in Google Maps (compared to Q1 same period in 2022)
  • 27% increase in Calls from Google Maps (compared to Q1 same period in 2022)
Now Ranking
Now Ranking
15 Percentage
27 Percentage

Based on the number of new patients The Good Dentist has attracted from multiple digital platforms, they have experienced an exceptional return on their digital marketing investment with Clickify:

  • 907% Return On Digital Marketing Investment in 2021
  • 1061% Return On Digital Marketing Investment in 2022


  • Targeted Keyword Research and SEO Best Practices ranked client Number 1 in Google (for 37 keywords)
  • 33% percent increase in Website Traffic
  • 1061% ROI for 2022


Garreth McBride - The Good Dentist


Garreth McBride - The Good Dentist