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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) drives targeted traffic directly to your website.

You know those ads that appear along the top, and down the right-hand side of the screen when you hit enter in the search bar? Clickify can get you there.

SEM or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an effective way to reach potential customers as it allows your brand to show up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) based on targeted keyword research for your specific business. This is a common strategy for lead generation, brand awareness, and product research.

Clickify’s SEM services are the smartest path to more website visitors and sales.

SEO versus SEM

The objective of organic SEO is to improve the ranking of your website in search engine results by the process of building momentum and gaining traction, with no financial outlay.

SEM is a neon sign with a pointing arrow saying Look At Me! Look At Me! and is done at a cost. SEM will not only boost your ranking but will also improve your credibility in search results and attract fresh leads for your business.

Ideally, we would suggest a mix of SEO and SEM for increasing your online visibility and ensuring your digital marketing efforts are directed at people who will engage with and buy your products or services. Clickify can provide you with a SEM strategy that works with your budget, and gives you the growth you’re looking for.

Clickify Search Engine Marketing Services

Clickify SEM agency exists to help identify and solve your digital marketing concerns. Data is our bread and butter, so we’re always looking to understand what’s working, what isn’t, and make informed recommendations from an education position.

SEO & Digital Marketing Audits

Keyword Research and Analysis

For maximum impact, we optimise SEM through significant research and analysis of your brand and the products and services you sell. We keep a close eye on conversion tracking and retarget SEM advertising through A/B testing if indicated.

We also take a deep dive into your consumer base to ensure your marketing is filled with relevant keywords that potential customers use to learn more about you online.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is the way most digital advertising space is sold. The advantages of PPC advertising include the ability to target your specific demographic using location and language, the impact of the SEM campaign is almost immediate, and you can measure your ROI because you only pay when the link is clicked.

Search Engine Marketing

Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads has incredible reach. More than 80% of global businesses trust Google Ads and people are four times more likely to click ads on Google (63%) than any other advertisement network. So, if you need a little more instant gratification our Google Ads campaigns can easily be integrated into part of your digital marketing strategy.


Google Merchant Centre and Google Shopping

Clickify can help you sell your products through the power of Google.

Google Merchant Centre provides a platform to manage your eCommerce products on Google. We can help you navigate the detailed setup and management of the platform by uploading information on your products and services, including pricing, descriptions, and pictures. Your job is to simply reap the benefits that a Google listing brings.


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