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Get smart, savvy email campaigns that engage audiences, and delight customers. Clickify bypass spam for SHOP NOW.

When it comes to email marketing or electronic Direct Mail (eDM) our objective is to create privacy-sensitive strategies (all our campaigns comply with the Privacy Act) that attract new customers, drive repeat business, generate leads, and build customer loyalty.

Cluttered inboxes mean a low inbox placement rate with low opens and poor click-through rates. At Clickify we generate email marketing campaigns that cut through the clutter with carefully crafted content, creative templates, and engaging calls to action.

Then we analyse the results, from opens to clicks, email forwards, and auto-responders. Data shows that promotional emails are best received when they contain helpful information, offer self-inquiry forms, or provide value.

Why Use Email Marketing?

  1. Email is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers and prospects
  2. Email allows you to track performance and optimise your efforts based on results
  3. Email advertising campaigns measure ROI (compare signups and sales against costs)

Clickify Email Management Services

We’re excited to craft an email strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives, then create custom email templates that fit your brand identity to deliver your desired outcomes.

Our email marketing services include:

Template Design

Our design team works with you to select an email template (eg. newsletter template) that embodies your brand and speaks to your target audience. If a colour choice or layout could be the difference between a click-through or a delete, then we listen accordingly and adapt. We believe in elegant, intuitive, and efficient styles with clear calls to action that don’t confuse.

Content Creation

Once you’ve chosen the template, our content experts create interesting, informative, and irresistible email copywriting that will get your audience hooked. We are dedicated to making a lasting impression that excites loyal customers and entices brand new ones. We work with tone and content to build trust and authority for your brand.

Email Distribution Lists and Database Management

Your email campaign looks good and reads well but who are you sending it to? You need to make sure that your email marketing campaigns are reaching the right people and creating a lasting impression. We’ll create a database of interested clients. We manage the distribution by breaking your database into segments so that specific newsletters go to particular groups. This targeted form of marketing is what separates our email marketing strategy from the spam filter.

eCommerce Email Marketing Automation

eCommerce email marketing automation is a powerful tool because your business only sends relevant, personalised emails to your customers that are triggered by a customer’s actions.

For example, if someone adds something to their cart in your store but doesn’t check out for 60 minutes, send an email with a discount code or some kind of special offer to secure the conversion.

The ability to segment lists based on behaviour or other criteria means that you can target only those people who are likely to convert into paying customers (and help avoid wasting time and money on anyone else.)

Reporting and Analysis

Clickify is all about the data. We check the numbers on every campaign we run because we want to know exactly how successful each email campaign is. Monthly reports will consist of in-depth analysis of everything from the number of people that opened the email, to how many people subscribed and even how many sales were made.

Clickify Deliver Email Marketing

Clickify will help turn your customers into lifelong fans of your brand by creating engaging and responsive email marketing strategies that drive traffic to your website, and ultimately, strengthen your brand reputation.


Our email marketing campaigns willkeep current customers engaged and attract new ones.