Website Migrations

Let us simplify your move.

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Do you need to migrate your website to a new platform? Not sure where to start? Don’t stress. Clickify can provide you with website migration.

Our website migration process is streamlined. We don’t cut corners. We take responsibility for the entire migration process, undertaking extensive testing, configuring and syncing. Migrating with us guarantees a hassle, stress-free move, so that you can focus on your core business.

During the move, we’ll even tidy up the back-end of your website (removing plugins you no longer use and abandoned pages) to improve the security, performance and overall operation of your website. Best of all, we migrate your entire website with as little down-time as possible. No loss of revenue or bouncing leads with Clickify managing your website migration.

On top of website migrations, we can even help you in merging websites. This is welcome news to anyone that has been running two sites and wants the convenience of just having to look after one.

The biggest dangers include loss of rankings, branding and content in the merge. We can help prevent this from happening. We will look at both sites and run analytics on key metrics. This allows us to identify the strengths, so that we can combine them into one infinitely strong site. Which is amazing news for you, because you get to cut all the deadwood, and make sure that the audiences of both sites are still looked after in the new one!

Our web migration services include:

Web Migration

We take care of everything, from going through the old site and removing any bugs or plugins and pages you don’t need anymore, to ensuring that all of your data is safely transferred to its new address. We do this in record time, so you don’t miss out on any sales or potential leads in the process.

Merging Websites

Merging websites can be a more involved process than a migration, with lots of decisions to be made. We help you make those decisions by conducting extensive research and ensuring the sites and brands are blended perfectly.


Don't let the prospect of a website migration or merge frighten you, with us on your side; you really don't have to worry about a thing.