Delilah Testimonial

"Meeting with the guys from Clickify was a great experience from day 1!"


Clickify analysed my website then came out to see me for a meeting, not only with a list of the issues that were wrong with my website, but the solutions and expected timeline for correction for it.

Immediately they went to work (and boy did they have that cut out for them!)I saw results immediately and consistent improvements ever since, my website has gone from being invisible to Google to one of the highest ranking in all relevant categories.

A meeting with these guys is always comfortable, informative and fun. Correspondence is always easy, my ideas are listened to and considered with honest opinions and suggestions returning. The end result is always a true collaboration of my knowledge of my business and their expertise in translating that into useful information and delivery techniques for people.

Clickify have created a beautiful new website for my business that:

  • Functions flawlessly.
  • Is attractive and shows our personality.
  • Integrates social media.
  • And most importantly – has driven new people to our business that has translated into real dollars!

Clickify have introduced me to fantastic new ways of marketing my business and involving me in the process. This has educated me on aspects of my business in ways that I could never have thought possible. From newsletters to blogs, and new content that actually shows our flavour.

Clickify have become such an integral part of my business. There are thousands of SEO companies out there making false claims and promises of instant rankings and success, and boy am I qualified to warn you! We are bombarded by them via email on a daily basis, and my experience with other SEO companies has taught me a valuable lesson.

Clickify is the only one SEO company I would recommend for showing the world the actual personality of your business and reaching audiences you can only dream of.

Thanks Clickify, I look forward to our future together.

Adrian Panayiotis, Salon Owner, Delilah