retailplan Testimonial


“We were setting up a new business and wanted a web site.

Previous experience suggested that we could get this done, inexpensively, off shore. However the more we looked at our requirements, the less practical that option appeared.

Our site was to represent a design business and we wanted to work closely on the look and feel with the web builders. In addition, we needed to learn how to manipulate the site content so that we could keep it fresh without having to constantly revert back to the web builders.

It had to be done in Australia, and close to home.

Chris and Calie of Clickify were introduced to us by my business partner’s wife who had tapped into their knowledge for her own web site.

A meeting was set up and from the get go, we realised that this was going to work. There was immediate rapport. There was a common understanding about our capabilities and goals, and of course, budget.

What quickly became apparent was the breadth of skills which Chris and Calie were able to offer. They go far beyond web site building and include graphic design, copy writing, SEO, social media, marketing and management, so while the focus was on the creation of our web site, all of those other factors were brought into play to help us get the best result possible.

The process was fast and sensible. A suitable WordPress template was quickly identified as the basis for the site, then modified to create the individuality we needed. Our well-developed content was edited by Calie to achieve short, logical, pithy content. Graphic images were adjusted for size to optimise quality and speed of regeneration. Colour palette, fonts and page layout were discussed, agreed and effortlessly changed with mutual agreement.

In the middle of all of this, we were invited to an afternoon WordPress course which Chris and Calie conducted. We learned the basics of WordPress, certainly sufficient for us to enter the web site and carry out a wide range of modifications.

The final steps were to deal with tweaks to fonts, colour palette, portfolio photos and text, much of which we were able to do ourselves as a consequence of our newly acquired WordPress skills. Social media accounts were established and linked to the site, and then Google Analytics set up, all with the assistance of Calie.

Fundamentally, Chris and Calie have mentored us through a process which is very important to our business but which was out of our comfort zone and knowledge base. Their commitment to this task has been total, as if our business had been their own. While this kind of commitment is part or our business ethic, it is unusual to find it in others. Naturally, we would highly commend Chris, Calie and their business Clickify and look forward to a long term relationship with them. We wish them well in the future development of their business.”

James Woodburn, Director, retailplan.