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Web3: From Blockchain To Metaverse – Metaverse Explained

Discover a universe that runs parallel to the physical world. Enter the Metaverse. A metaverse is an online network of 3D virtual worlds that creates an immersive social Virtual Reality where people meet, interact, share, and trade in real time. This amalgamation of websites, gaming environments, and social platforms is the future of social contact,

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Web3: From Blockchain to Metaverse – Blockchain Explained

Blockchain technology is potentially the most disruptive idea of our time. While it may be tempting to dismiss the cryptocurrency phenomenon as hype – it’s also a new way of thinking about how we interact online and who can participate in our digital economy. With so many new players on the field, this blog series

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Web3: from Blockchain to Metaverse – Web3 Explained

Web3 isn’t a single concept. It’s a de facto umbrella term for the next evolution of the internet, bringing together a collection of concepts and technologies from Cryptocurrency, to Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, Blockchain Digital Identities, and the Metaverse. With so many new players in the online space, our hope with this series of three blogs

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